Spray In Bedliners

Sharp’s offers spray in bedliner service for pickups and other types of trucks. Having the bed of your truck sprayed with this product will protect it against the wear and tear from the things you haul.

Pickup truck that we painted using spray in bedliner to look rugged and tough

While these spray in bedliners have been around a long time, people have recently thought of more creative and functional purposes. We can spray this onto the bottom of your vehicle, as well as the front and back bumper, and it offers your vehicle protection against chipping due to rocks and debris.

Vehicles that have been lifted or feature large tires often have the lower half (or the entire vehicle) coated. We can also coat body panels, running boards, floors, nerf bars, fender walls, tool boxes, boats and camper shells.

We can even tint the coating different colors!

If you don’t want to spend the money for an “all over” paint job, this is an economical alternative. Using the spray in bedliner in place of paint gives your vehicle a rough, tough look and requires no maintenance.


  • Gives trucks and jeeps a rough, trail-blazing look
  • Helps to avoid scratches and rock chips
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, salt, damp and extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof and flexible
  • Helps deaden sound and vibrations


The prices for the spray in bedliner start the the following:

  • Spray in bedliner, full size truck: $650.00
  • Spray in bedliner, small truck: $575.00
  • All over spray, full size truck: $1500.00
  • All over spray, small truck: $1200.00
  • All over spray, 4-door Jeep: $1500.00
  • All over spray, 2-door Jeep: $1200.00
  • Spray in bedliner, full size truck: $650.00

Of course, these prices do not include any repairs that may be needed before spraying.