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Sharp’s is a GREAT auto body shop! They were extremely professional, helpful, and did a phenomenal job on my car. I have had several compliments about how good my car looks. Most importantly however, they treated me like family. When you walk through those doors, you are not another customer or another form of income. To them, you are another family member, neighbor or friend that needs help. If I ever need help with my car, I will be going to Sharp’s.

Emily Joy Roth

Richard had always gone above and beyond when it comes to repairs on my family’s cars and trucks. Always helpful and took care of any issues that came up with insurance. I have also used them on non insurance jobs and their prices are super fair. I’ve tried other shops and Sharps customer service brings me back.

Chauncey Pennington

They do a really good job. The owner seems very conscientious. He does accurate estimates. He does good work and he stands behind his work. We had an accident and he fixed our car on time and even ordered a new vehicle logo at his own cost!

Joe Noga

Richard has always done a quality job on ANY car need, question, or work that I had. I remember one time in particular, a car door wasn’t closing right. I brought it to him, no appt, and he said, “Just a minute.” Came back with a tool. 30 seconds later door closed great. No charge!

Mark Lehman

I can’t imagine any other body shop in the 4 state area providing better quality body work and customer service than Sharp’s Auto Body……

Barry Garbrick